TANDEM-4GL-OEM router installation

may 21.2021

Tandem-4GL-OEM router s adapted for installation in «Antex UNIBOX» antennas and «Gainta G258, G258C, G368MF G258CMF» sealed enclosures. In this article we are going to describe mounting in antennas and enclosures of this type.

There are also other housing options, for more information, see the link...

The following is important during the installation:

  • The tightness of the enclosure shall be maintained. All additional holes shall be filled with sealant in order to avoid the ingress of moisture and sweating.
  • The wired pair cable length for power supply through PoE shall not exceed 50 m.

You need the following equipment:

  • An antenna with an embedded sealed enclosure, or an antenna and a sealed enclosure as two separate pieces of equipment
  • Tandem-4GL-OEM router with pigtails of necessary configuration
  • Clamped twisted pair not exceeding 50 m
  • PoE injector
  • Power supply unit: 9...36 V
  • 2 self-tapping screws M3 x 7 mm (supplied together with Antex "Unibox" antenna)
  • To perform installation in a sealed enclosure you need 2 cable assemblies having N-male and SMA-male connectors, 2 cable glands of PG9 type and one cable gland of PG16 type, sealant for cable glands.
  • Antenna fixture

Installation in«Antex UNIBOX» antenna 

The option to perform installation in an antenna with an embedded enclosure for a router is the best way to provide good signal amplification and does not require purchasing additional cable assemblies. For example, Petra Unibox MIMO 2x2 antenna provides signal amplification of 12.5-15.5 dBi.

  1. Remove the back cover of the antenna
  2. Install the router board with a SIM card as it is shown in the figure and fix with two screws.
  3. Connect adapters in А1 and А2 connectors of the router. If the antenna has only one input, connect an adapter only to А1 connector.
  4. Connect the Ethernet cable in LAN port of the router.
  5. Screw adapters to SMA connector of the antenna. After that, once again, check the connection reliability of the adapters to the router board.
  6. Close well and tightly screw the antenna sealed enclosure.
  7. Install the antenna on a mast after you check the system operability.
  8. Please pay your attention to the selection of the twisted pair cable and PoE injector. The cable should be of good quality; its maximum length shall not exceed 50 m.

Installation in «Gainta G258, G258C, G368MF G258CMF» sealed enclosures with a MIMO

If you already have a MIMO antenna and you do not want to purchase an antenna with a sealed enclosure, you may implement the installation option where the router is in a separate sealed enclosure outside the antenna. Such a method requires 2 additional short cable assemblies: N-male и SMA-male

  1. The installation in a sealed enclosures requires 2 cable glands of PG9 type and 1 cable gland of PG16 type.
  2. Drill holes for cable glands. The diameter of the bigger hole shall be 20 mm and the diameter of two smaller holes shall be 13 mm. Please see the location of the cable glands in the figure.
  3. Put the cable glands in the holes and tighten them.
  4. Install the router and fix it with self-tapping screws as shown in the figure. The twisted pair enters the sealed enclosure on the side opposite to the connector.
  5. Insert the cable assemblies in the cable gland holes; connect to SMA adapters and connect LAN cable as shown in the figure. Fill the space in the cable gland holes with sealant.
  6. Connect the adapters to the antenna connectors and to the router. Connect Ethernet to LAN port.
  7. Put the sealed enclosure right near the antenna.

The position of fixing self-tapping screws:

Ethernet cable arrangement:

Sealed enclosure and antenna arrangement option:

Installation in Gainta sealed enclosures with embedded antennas

The most money saving way of outdoor installation of TANDEM-4GL-OEM router in a sealed enclosure includes embedded omnidirectional antennas as shown in the figure; they provide 5 ± 0.7 dBi amplification. Such installation option is the most cost-effective and compact, but it can be used in places where network signal reception is reliable. 

You will need the following for installation:

PCB antenna specifications: 5dbi LTE IPEX 3G 4 г GPRS GSM CDMA

  1. Drill a hole for the cable gland. The hole diameter for PG19 cable gland shall be 20 mm.
  2. Put the cable gland in the hole and tighten it or insert a twisted pair in the hole.
  3. Install the router with a SIM card and fix it with self-tapping screws as shown in the figure. The twisted pair enters the sealed enclosure on the side opposite to the connector.
  4. Install the embedded antennas using double-sided adhesive tape as shown in the figure.
  5. Connect the adapters to the antennas’ connectors.
  6. Close the cover and seal all the holes.

We found this installation option to be the most interesting one: the enclosure and antennas are not very expensive. As a result, you get a compact and cost-effective solution which can be installed on a building wall or on an antenna mast and receive data and provide power supply using one and the same cable. The antennas demonstrated their operation very well. During field tests we compared the operation of an internal antenna of Huawei E3372 modem installed in the same sealed enclosure and a combination of TANDEM-4GL-OEM + 2 PCB antennas described above. At the test point, Huawei E3372 received -110 dB signal, but it could not get connected to the Internet; the assembly of TANDEM-4GL-OEM + 2 PCB antennas got connected to the Internet at 3G signal level of -82dB (48%); the data receiving speed was about 2.5 Mb/s, output rate was 1 - 1,5 Mb/s. That means that the antennas operate rather efficiently and can be an alternative to a panel antenna.

Operating ranges: 780 ~ 960 mHz, 1710 ~ 2700 mHz
Antenna amplification factor: 5 ± 0.7 dBi at 880 mHz, 5 ± 0.7 dBi at 2100 mHz
Impedance: 50 Ω
Material: 1 mm glass fiber laminate.
Connector type: Molex LLC
Operating temperature: -40 ° С ~ + 85 ° С

PoE injector selection

Please pay your attention to PoE injector connector. Any injectors of PoE-B standard (termminals 4, 5, 7, 8) can be used.

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